Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software Though a relatively new concept, medical billing software actually goes back to the time of World War II when the explosion of scientific knowledge brought increasingly sophisticated and complex diagnostic treatment procedures to the science of medicine. At first, medical billing software technology was at most, primitive. Today, however, with recent advancements […]

Causation, Science And The Law

Causation, Science And The Law Introduction Occupational and environmental exposure to potentially toxic chemicals has been reported more frequently in the last five (5) years, most likely as the result of 1) increased public awareness, 2) improved reporting by physicians, 3) unlimited access to the information data banks, 4) more efficient regulatory support, 5) increased […]

Acne- Does Food Make A Difference?

Acne- Does Food Make A Difference? In the quest to cure acne faster and prevent it, medical science is looking at all the possible causes and treatments. In this respect various foods are getting examined and doctors are trying to find out if food has any connection with acne formation. Let us find out more […]

Cancer Is An Energy

Cancer Is An Energy Source: Flickr Einstein, a genius scientist of the 20th century, and central to the new energy physics, stated that ‘a problem cannot be solved by the same mind set that created it’. Cancer is a case in point. Cancer is a dis-ease that stems partly from the products of the mechanistic, […]